Our Mission

Here are CrossWay, we believe there are several specific things God has called us to focus on in this season of our church’s life. These are not the only things that are important to us, but they are the things that give our church direction; the things we are doing our best to pursue.


We desire to see the Body of Christ truly live in Biblical Community.  This does not occur easily, nor does it occur naturally.  It is a work of God’s Holy Spirit in us that bears fruit as we commit to fully know, love, and serve each other. We are striving to live together in such a way that true Christian Community and Fellowship becomes the normal pattern for our lives. 


We desire to individually and corporately join Jesus in His Mission.  We believe that every church is called to participate in God’s mission to grow His Church and Expand His Kingdom as we share the Gospel of Jesus and make Disciples of Christ.  While the ultimate goal for every Christian Church is the same, the way it is carried out from church to church is unique. For CrossWay, we believe that God has given us some specific areas and ways we are to engage in His mission in our local community and around the world.

Locally, we partner with the Department of Children’s Services and with Stepping Stones to serve the poor, widowed, and orphaned in our city.

We also have a partnership with a ministry called ReVision that allows us to love, serve, and develop churches and church leadership in the Dominican Republic.


We desire to see the Next Generation grow as Disciples of Jesus.  At CrossWay, we believe our children and students are not just the future of the church, but a vital part of Church Body today.  Our goal is to partner with parents and families to lead our children to know Jesus, love God’s Word, and grow in maturity so that they might fulfill their God-given role in shaping our culture and expanding God’s Kingdom.


We desire that when Jesus thinks about us, He would call us a House of Prayer.  Scripture makes it clear that God’s people are to be a people of Prayer. In fact, as the Body of Christ/the Church/God’s Temple, we are to be known as a House of Prayer.  It is our desire that prayer would be our priority in all things and not just a last resort when things get difficult.  We know that prayer is the only way the ministry of our church will be effective for God’s Kingdom.